Cenotes of the Riviera Maya by Steve Gerrard

'The Skeleton Cenote'
originally known as CENOTE TEMPLE OF DOOM
note:Signs on the Coba Road identify it as CENOTE CALAVERA
This cave system was connected to SISTEMA SAC AKTUN by Robbie Schmittner

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GPS Position  
Land Owner Dr. Ceasar Portillo Manica, Son is Ceasar Augusto Portillo Manica
Dive Site  Fee YES
Maximum Depth 63 feet/19 meters
Average Depth 45 feet/13.6 meters
Distance Explored / Surveyed  
First Explorers Mike Madden and Denny Atkinson - July, 1986
Other Explorers Paul DeLoach, Dan Lins, Sam Meachem, Chris Pyle, Bruce Schadow, Tara Tanaka, Gary Walten, Kay Walten & John Zumrick
Upstream YES
Downstream YES
Cavern Dive YES, Very good
Snorkeling YES, Good
Cenotes within Cave System
  1. Cenote Temple of Doom (Esqueleto)
  2. Cenote Roxanne
  3. Cenote Bail Out
Cenote Location From the intersection of Highway 307 and the Coba Road, drive Inland (northwest) 1.8 kilometers, Small parking area next to road
Accessibility Difficult; 120 yard/109 meter hike on a very rocky, rough trail, Galvanized pipe ladder available, Best way to enter is 10 foot/3 meter jump into the water
Cave Description Half saltwater, half freshwater, The limestone displays a snow white ambiance with crystal clear blue tint water, Several large rooms and a variety of passageways with cave formations located in several areas
Best Dives
  • The Madonna Passage
  • The 'Hall of Giants' Room
  • The 'Coliseum Room'
  • The 'Tannic Domes' circuit
Map Available YES, Cartographers: Carl Sutton (deceased) and Jim Coke - 1993
Future Exploration  
Other Activities  
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