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The Testimonials

The following are comments, reviews and testimonials about the book:

"An exquisite photographic and narrative documentary of the cenote experience.

"For those of us privileged to have logged bottom time with Steve Gerrard, "The Cenotes of the Riviera Maya" serves as a wonderful keepsake of the experience of entering this extraordinary realm. The book is a brilliant guide to the cenotes whether you plan to snorkel or complete full cave dives.

"Steve's obvious commitment to safe cave diving is evident throughout the book and the courses he teaches. His dedication to continuing cave diving education is demonstrated in the detailed accident analysis chapter of his book.

"Don't just question what it's like. Get trained and experience the wonder yourself! If Steve's grandmother can do it-- so can you!"

Jennifer Hyde
Cayman Brac, Cayman Islands, BWI

"This book is for serious cave divers, for folks who just want a gorgeous coffee table trophy, and for everyone in between. The author's knockout photos will entice some to visit the Akumal-Tulum area for the first time, and will bring back cherished memories for others who, like me, haven't ventured there recently.

"Mirroring Steve's diving and teaching, this book features a healthy balance of adventure with safety, of excitement with responsible concern. Steve educates and entertains, while helping us to appreciate the delicate environment and ecology in Quintana Roo."

David Lund

"From snorkelers to experienced cave divers there is something for everyone in Steves' book. The pictures are great and convey the spectacular beauty that can be found in the Mayan underground system. His reports on the incidents that have happened will hold everyones attention. This book is one that can enjoyed every time its picked up and looked at."

Dr. Harold Hicks
St. Charles, IL

"I have read numerous books on Cave Diving, from instructional to technical, where to go etc.. "The Cenotes of the Riviera Maya" is as exciting as informative. I love the unique format of the book. By far this is my favorite Cave Diving book. This is a must read for any Cave Diver."

Han Sunoo

"Steve Gerrard's new book, "The Cenotes of the Riviera Maya" is a must buy for any cave diver or anyone that has any interest in diving or snorkeling the cenotes of Mexico. For everyone else, it just a fascinating look at the beautiful caves of the Yucatan.

"It is comprehensively informative, covering all aspects of cave diving in Mexico. But it does so in a manner that will appeal to readers at all certification levels.

"The photography is beautiful with photos or graphics on almost every page, and the production quality is excellent. Even without a hard cover, it could be a coffee table book. My wife who is an editor bought a copy just for the photography and the the production quality and has ordered another to give as a gift. I keep a copy in the van I use for diving just to show my diving buddies and other divers that I meet, and I have yet to meet a diver who is not instantly taken by it."

Donn Ellerbrock

"The Cenotes of the Riviera Maya" is a wonderful book full of great information for the Cave Diver, Cavern Diver, and Snorkelers going to dive in the Yucatan. The book is well written and easy to follow. This book is a must for cenote divers of this beautiful region of the world.

"Good work Steve!"

Harry & Linda Cure

"This book is 'must' reading for those planning to dive the caves of Mexico or simply dreaming of it. The spectacular photography combined with the in-depth description of each cenote is indispensable. Considerable effort has been made to describe the cenote environment, its fauna and physical features.

"Since 'You don't need to be a diver to enjoy the crystal clear cenotes' a good review of snorkeling is provided. It is, however, in its discussion of cavern and cave diving that the book excels, drawing on Steve Gerrard's considerable experience in cave diving instruction and exploration. Equipment configuration, techniques, and accident analysis are all discussed, even a chapter on planning and packing for you dive trip.

"The reader is well rewarded by the years of careful preparation of this book. It scores five out of five."

James Pickar

"If you don't go, you won't know -- but "THE CENOTES OF THE RIVIERA MAYA" takes you as close as possible without even getting wet. Steve Gerrard shows off his consummate skills as a Cave Diving Instructor and Underwater Photographer in a useful and entertaining format. This book is necessary for cave divers and will be treasured by anyone interested in discovering the most beautiful and mysterious place on earth."

Bradley A. Caudle
Houston, Texas

"The Cenotes of the Riviera Maya is a must read for all cave divers and other divers considering cavern and or cave courses. My husband Angus and I are so astonished by it that we are forever showing everyone we know, even if they only look at the fantastic photos. Most of the people we know think we are crazy for cave diving and this book is our way of showing them the beauty that draws us to cave diving. I have had the pleasure of diving with Steve Gerrard and have also had the privilege of being photographed by him. I am so proud of those photos! Our first visit to the Yucatan was in 1999 and after receiving this book we couldn't help but book our flight to go back this year! It reminded us of all the truly amazing sights we had seen and of the others we will surely venture upon. I believe the book covers all aspects including, history, conservation, site reviews, accident analysis, techniques, planning for your trip, and training agencies. Very well rounded. I believe that dive instructors should also use this book as one of their teaching tools. Steve Gerrard has created a masterpiece with this book. His knowledge and photography are a blessing to the diving community!"

Angus and Joy Barnhart

BOOK REVIEW -- Immersed, Vol 5, No 2, page 62
The Cenotes of the Riviera Maya
By Steve Gerrard
Published by Steve Gerrard
Puerto Aventuras
Quintana Roo, Mexico
244 pages,
soft cover, $49.95
ISBN: 0-967 7412-0-3

When the book The Cenotes of the Riviera Maya arrived for review, the note inside the package described it as a coffee-table book about cave diving. It definitely had the size and appearance of this type of publication, and, at first glance, this is what it appeared to be. Upon flipping open the book for quick look at the photography however, it quickly became evident that there was much more here than great underwater cave photography.

Steve Gerrard has an extensive background in cave diving, training and exploration. His association with the National Association of Cave Diving is well known and respected. Actively exploring Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula since 1986, Steve has gathered information that gives a complete idea of what will be required and expected there. Many of the dives made by Steve and his fellow explorers have opened up entire systems that are unparalleled in their beauty. Some of the explorations have set records that still stand, and cave divers the world over are enjoying the benefits of their dedication.

The Cenotes of the Riviera Maya is subtitled "A Complete Guide for Snorkeling, Cavern and Cave Diving the Cenotes of the Riviera Maya." Dive teams with mixed abilities and training levels will benefit from the descriptions of the dive sites, allowing cave divers to select systems that meet their level of training and experience. Cave diving by its very nature requires specialized training, equipment, planning and preparation. The book includes information regarding safety and proper education, including who to contact to get the required training. Topics range from the history and geographic layout of the area to the exploration of the cenotes.

The chapters on snorkeling, cavern diving and cave diving offer advice on making the dives, difficulty of entries, packing for the trip, recommended equipment and site maps. Other chapters include information on accident analysis, decompression, techniques and the environment of the cenote. ("Cenote" is a word derived from the Mayan language. It means an "underground area that is perpetually filled with water.")

A feature of the book that takes a little time to learn is the use of symbols that classify the dive sites. It is possible to look at the pages of a system or area and learn about the depth, facilities, distances explored, and fees (if any). There are 22 different symbols providing pertinent facts, so earmark page 32 until the symbols are committed to memory. Full-color photographs give the diver an exciting and eyepleasing look at the unique environment of the cenote.

The Cenotes of the Riviera Maya can be classified as either a field guide or coffee-table book. At US$49.95 my copy will remain on the coffee table, and I will refer to it before the trip!

Pete Nawrocky

Immersed, Vol 5, No 2, page 62
Used here with permission
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